Inspiring Responses

Well, I got three comments on “Inspire:You,” which was awesome. If you checked them out, you can see the variety of forms inspiration takes. Kev – those are some great examples of triumph, and I really appreciate you taking a sec to punch those in. For those of you who weren’t aware, Chris Solinsky set a new American Record last week for the 10,000m run and became the first non-African to break 27 minutes. Awesome. What’s even cooler is that he’s definitely not your prototypical distance runner in that he’s a bigger guy. As I’ve got the mind of a distance runner and the body of powerlifter, I’ve got to say that his performance inspired me as well.

Anyway, I think the “Takeaway” is obvious – inspiration surrounds us and all it takes is for you (us) to look in the right places.

One response

  1. Dude, I missed your call… again. We’ll have to talk this weekend. I hope the training/tapering is going well.


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