Thinking: “Aid”

Continuing the theme of “aid,” I’d love some inputs from you readers. Here’s your chance…tell me about some neat ideas you’ve either seen or participated in so we can get the word out! There are a lot of perspectives out there and I want to know what your thoughts are. It doesn’t have to be Africa or Afghanistan…it could be something local and relatively simple. I had a great discussion with my buddy Zane a few moths ago. We talked about how you don’t have to go on a big trip or move to another country just to help improve someone’s life. Opportunities to make a difference abound, even in our everyday lives. Or, maybe you think aid is a lot of bunk, that the best way to make a difference is a life well-lived…nothing is out of bounds and I want to know what you think. Take a sec, leave a comment, and let’s talk about it.

4 responses

  1. Aid is awesome (awesome is an understatement) when you give and you know the money is really going to help people. But there are so many charities now. When looking for a charity to sponsor what percentage of proceeds should go towards administrative cost and what percentage should go to the actual aid?
    I love, take the Mocha charity that Jen did, they actually had their sponsors go to see where their dollars were spent. Not many do that.
    But, overall, giving is better than receiving…by far. And helping someone even through prayer goes a long way.
    Just my opinion. 😉


  2. ‎”Aid” refreshes the soul. It could be serving your next door neighbor, your community, or “somewhere out there”…


  3. Matt, I remember when I worked at the school in Spooner, Wisconsin there were many children who did not have warm coats, mittens, hats, and boots to go outside and play in the winter. I went through my children’s things and found items they were no longer using and brought them to school. I put the items by the back door to the playground and told the children to take what they needed. One of the teacher’s came up to me and asked me if any of the children thanked me, I told her that no they hadn’t. She said she was not surprised. My comment back to her was why should they thank me, I was giving them something we were not using and if you give expecting a thank you back your heart was not in the right place. I believe we spend to much time trying to determine if someone is “worthy” of our aid. Thank God He did not provide salvation based on whether or not we were worthy!


  4. Aid makes civilization possible. How do you think early humans survived? Entirely on their own? We’d have died out eons ago if left to our own sole devices. We require assistance from time to time. And as a careful, unbiased reading of the Bible shows, God didn’t destroy Sodom because of what we call “sodomy” – he wrecked it because the people of Sodom didn’t offer lodging to strangers. That’s “aid.”


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