Making It Count


Thanks to everyone who took the time to read through my lengthy last post! Some really nice comments, but really a reminder that having friends who read what you write is what makes it worthwhile.

Speaking of writing, I’m hoping to get out a few more posts this week on aid and missions work. There have been a, lot of developments, both interesting as well a tragic since we last talked about this issue. See you soon…

By the way the pic included with this post is me and Thomas G Marsden,  newborn to Super Fans
Kev and Lupe!

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  1. Matt, I read and really enjoyed your Grandmas Blog recently…while I wasn’t surprised you were running crazy distances still, I was amazed that we had something really sad in common that we ran for.
    I just recently ran the Warrior 5K (I know, not exactly a marathon) but it was held on Sept 11th, and I was running it for 3 guys we lost on my last rotation. I often fund myself running and thinking of them as I get tired, knowing they cannot run whether they want to or not, kind of motivates me to run harder.
    So with that in mind, I wanted to say conrgatulations on the Grandmas accomplishment, and I am so sorry for your loss. That part of the job never ever gets any easier.
    I hope to hear more of your running “thoughts” as you post them, it was almost as if I were back in Duluth again during high school, before the military and the war and the loss.
    So, best of luck, thanks for writing, i must be off, because I am late for my next run:)



    • Liesl, great to hear from you, and thanks for the comment. I’m glad to hear you’re still running, although it’s hard to see we’re both in that ever-widening circle of folks who know the pain of losing a friend in combat. Glad you enjoyed the race report, and thanks for taking the time to read it and comment.


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