Strength for Endurance

Minions of the Interwebz,

Greetings. I am about to kick off a series on strength for runners. But before I regale you with my particular ideas, I was curious if there is anything you would like me to cover. Right now, it will be a two or three post series, broken into general approaches, specific schools of thought I find useful, and a sample of my own training.

If you are interested in anything specific, please leave it in the comments below. Ideas might include the utility of Crossfit, or maybe specific exercises useful in treating lingering injuries. Whatever it might be, I am interested in giving you whatcha want.

Hulking out,

Matty K

4 responses

  1. Talk to me about balance. How do you balance the heavy weight work with the speed work, with a little crossfit, fit it all into 7 days and still have enough in the legs by the end of the week to stay strong on that long run? And how can you manage this week after week without injury? Also, for those of us with limited time, how do you prioritize workouts when you have all of these options?


  2. I’m looking forward to the series. I need a good strength routine to supplement running. I want to maintain balanced fitness, so I can go out and surf or snowboard and not miss a beat. And secondly, I need exercises to correct any muscle imbalances from running.


  3. PUMPED about this series. Along with Eric, I would love your words of wisdom regarding balancing strength workouts and tough endurance/speed workouts. ALSO (this may be more of a nutrition question), I know I am a gal so physiologically things work a bit different, but if you have any thoughts about how to put on muscle and still maintain endurance work that would be great! That may be more of a nutrition question, but I would love your feedback on the nutrition side of recovery for strength/endurance workouts. ALSO, CrossFit – I have been doing CF for six months and have seen significant changes as far as strength (there is not a box where I live, so I just do the HQ WODs at my local gym), but which types of workouts do you recommend for endurance athletes? They have a lot of max out days and low rep high weight days, which I find the hardest to get motivated for (OK, I never really even do them), but are those important for an endurance athlete? You ROCK at life Matty K!!


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