“The Race against Time” by Alex Hutchinson | The Walrus | July 2012

“The Race against Time” by Alex Hutchinson | The Walrus | July 2012.

Thanks to Kev for pushing this my way. This is probably one of the best running articles I’ve read this year, and I’m embarrassed to say it comes from a Tim Horton’s-drinking, long-oh and ‘eh’ saying, Canadian. Actually, I love Canadia. I don’t love how expensive it is there or trying to figure out the math to convert litres to gallons, but whatever. The point is, this is a nice read, and a nice rabbit trail off this Strength for Endurance series. As you read through some of what Noakes is doing, ask yourself this question: “Is it possible through strength training to fool the brain into delaying its shutdown mechanisms?”

Remember some things from Part 2, like time to exhaustion at max aerobic effort and potential neuromuscular adaptation?  What if it isn’t the muscular adaptation that leads to greater performance, but rather, the way those muscles talk to our brains?


Food for thought, peeps.

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