Renovations Underway

"Oh Well (2)" courtesy of Lydia Komatsu

“Oh Well (2)” courtesy of Lydia Komatsu

Did you hear your radio crackle, just now? The static fuzz that tickled your tympanic membrane?

It was me. I’m back, and I’m dragging this blog into the future. Some things you’ll notice off the bat: name change, shiny new theme, and actual art as opposed to crummy stock images I culled from the inter webs. In fact, that last bit is the best news I’ve got: my sister is going to let me use some of her art, and promises to come up with some new work as well.

Content-wise, a shift from all running, all the time. As the byline suggests, I’ll also cover ideas on writing, reading, and war. But, as John L. Parker said in the good book, “Once a runner…,” well, you know the rest. So plan on my continued unsolicited advice on which company is making the best midsole these days (it’s Adidas, by the way – try the Boost models) and the occasional race report.

Change your bookmarks. Launder your heart rate strap. Clean your reading glasses with a blast of hot breath and massage that clicker finger, because once I figure out what all these buttons do and what the hell CSS is, this place will be downright enjoyable.

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