Progress Check

Boy, I’d really like to sit down and write about ten different posts right now. But since my time management is just about worthless I’m going to have to keep it brief. Besides, my brain is full of big words, graphs and other worthless GRE nonsense, so I probably couldn’t put a decent  post together no-how.

Training – another week, 100 less miles waiting to be run. Lest I give the impression that this is no big deal, let me tell: it is. Up until a few weeks ago, I’d never run 100 in a week, much less put four of those weeks together back-to-back. This week was particularly rough on my feet. A midweek 11M averaging 6:18 left me with some ridiculous blisters, and my black toenails are threatening to outnumber the healthy ones. I may have to start painting my nails just to keep my wife from dry-heaving at the sight of my feet. I also have a lovely case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which for some reason has me fantasizing about acupuncture. But the training is doing its job…I did an encouraging 17M yesterday through rolling terrain and averaged a brisk 6:37 without it being too teribly hard.

Mocha Club – Still haven’t gotten it completely squared away but I’m close. I know, you had your debit card out, just itchin to make it happen…but hang on, partnah! Anyway, this week, fo sho…I’ve gotten some other exciting news I won’t share quite yet regarding supporting Mocha Club. I’m hashing out some details (I know, I seem to do a lot of that) before I let the cat out of the bag.

Inspiration – Every day, I’m attempting to open my eyes a little more and find the little nuggets of goodness the universe has tucked away with my name on them. Whether it’s fighting negativity on a bad run by rejoicing in the progress I’ve made in less than a year; or taking a moment to consider a profound quote shared by my wife, I’ve found a lot to smile about in the past week or so. Just tonight, I made the best of a late run start by enjoying the moonlight and belting out “Walcott” by Vampire Weekend as I ran down a suburban street. Sometimes…you just have to sing, even if it’s off-tune and out there.