Quick Hit: Blog Info

For those seeing these posts on FB, if you want to see the full thing, please visit http://www.runforsomething.wordpress.com. I have a widget set up that pulls an excerpt from the blog and posts it as a status update, which might make it appear as if the 400-odd character update is the extenet of things (not usually the case). Anyway, thanks to Tom, Ed, Jen, Mary, and (Super) Lupe for your views on “aid!” I’m going to be re-posting those comments for my next blog, so I can share my views as well. i also wanted to share some exciting news: as of 3:00 p.m. today, the blog set a PR for most number of hits in a day! 44 and counting (previous record of 32)…which still doesn’t get me up there with Ariana Huffington, but not bad. So, for my friends and fam getting the word out, or that one person who visited the blog like 30 times in a day, KEEP IT UP!

Inspiring Responses

Well, I got three comments on “Inspire:You,” which was awesome. If you checked them out, you can see the variety of forms inspiration takes. Kev – those are some great examples of triumph, and I really appreciate you taking a sec to punch those in. For those of you who weren’t aware, Chris Solinsky set a new American Record last week for the 10,000m run and became the first non-African to break 27 minutes. Awesome. What’s even cooler is that he’s definitely not your prototypical distance runner in that he’s a bigger guy. As I’ve got the mind of a distance runner and the body of powerlifter, I’ve got to say that his performance inspired me as well.

Anyway, I think the “Takeaway” is obvious – inspiration surrounds us and all it takes is for you (us) to look in the right places.