A quick note here from 30,000 feet (gee isn’t internet in-flight super keano neat?)…

I just had to share this because it got me thinking. About a week or so ago, I received a message from my old Oklahoma climbing buddy, who just wanted to let me know he enjoyed the blog and it had inspired him to start running again.

I gotta tell you, that was a very profound note for me. The blog title’s by-line is “Making a difference one mile at a time” but I guess you just never know what that difference is going to look like. This time, it was getting an old friend moving again. Next time, who knows?

So it got me to thinking (this will require reader participation, so warm up those typing fingers): I know what inspires me, but what is inspirational to everyone else? I’ve got a little widget bodx to the right labeled “Inspiration Station,” and it’s quick look at a few people/things that inspire me. People like Lupe Marsden and Terra Castro – folks ordinary/extraordinary in their unique fashions. My wife – who recently left a promising corporate career because she felt like there was another purpose out there for her besides chasing the almighty dollar. Of course, my list isn’t all-inclusive and I’m adding things as I go, but i highly recommend you check up on their blogs if you haven’t already.

So anyway, for the handful of people who check up on this blog (I’m pretty sure there about 10-20), take a moment and drop a comment to this blog and tell me what inspires you. It doesn’t require a website, a specific format, or anything. It could be a moment in time, a person, or anything for that matter. I want to know, and I’m willing to bet that the other readers out there who struggle daily wouldn’t mind either.

Hope to hear from you soon…