What I Know: On The 34th Anniversary of My Birth

Victorian enough of a title for you?

I’d like to share 10 bits of wisdom acquired in 34 years:

The Jafro, circa 2004

10. Age is a state of mind. I’m faster than I was ten years ago, and while that won’t last forever, I’m enjoying it while I can.

9. The day you refuse to learn, to evolve, to admit I’m wrong, you might as well cart yourself off to the glue farm because at that point you’ve become a burden on the world, your family, and most important, yourself.

8. You’re never as tough, high-speed, or special as you might think you are. Records are made to fall, challenges are meant to be overcome, and nothing ever gets accomplished through the actions of just one person.

7. Dogs are far and away superior to cats.

Contemplating Destiny on the shores of the Atlantic

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