Workout for The Chief

This morning, my good friends at R4V posted a great blog about Chief. You may recall his story from my interview with Meghan Lederer a while back. If you haven’t read their newest post, you are missing out.

I was inspired, and decided to make and do a workout in his honor. Here’s what I came up with…

10 rounds for time of:
1. 1000 row
2. 10 x Deadlift @ Body Weight (180lbs for me)
3. 10 x Bosu Bench Press @ Bosu Weight (Do a bench press with the same bar as above, but instead of using a bench, put a Bosu underneath you.)
No rest, just knock out the sets until you are finished.

My results:

It kicked my ass, and took me 1hr, 21mins. But I figured a measly 80 mins vs. the lifetime of Chief’s challenges was no big deal.

Sometimes support is symbolic, and nothing I did today will make Chief’s life easier. But if you’re reading this, Chief, know this: I stand with you.

As for the rest of you…up for a challenge? Feel free to scale the workout to your abilities, and leave a comment with your results.



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