PM Workout, 8 Mar 11

2.5M WU/ 12 x 400 w/ 200 jog/2.5M CD with the Whitis Crew. Hammies and calves were unexpectedly sore from the AM workout; between that and not having racing flats or spikes right now, I didn’t feel very smooth. But, the splits came without too much effort: pretty much all between 79-81 (5:16-5:24 pace). 200 jogs were all < 60s…I was thinking during the workout that a year and a half ago, this would have been a pretty tough workout vs an easy workout for easing back into a training schedule. Huh.

So, why haven’t I broken 17 for 5k? Yeah, looks like it has something to do with that abnormally large melon resting atop my shoulders…time to throw on some spikes, shut down the cranium, and let it flow.

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