Smoked: AM Workout, 8 Mar 11


2M warmup, followed by: 12 min of 5x Deadlift/10x Push-press w/ 95lbs; then team ladder (1 through 10 through 1) step-ups with 2x 25lb kettlebell, rest with KBs in rack position; then team ball slam ladder w/ 16lb med ball (1 through 10 through 1), rest with ball above head, arms locked; then Big Ten Ladder (10 hrough 1 through 10) of pushups/situps. That’d be a total of 50xDL/100xPP, 190 x step-ups, 190 x ball slams, 109 x pushups, 109 x situps.

Source for today’s workout is and

After a couple of down weeks, trying to get back into the swing of things this week. Planning on 12×400 with Whitis this afternoon…whew!

Thanks go out to my SERE troops for joining me for the pain!

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