Training Sampler for Tue, 20 Apr

Since Kev asked for it, I thought I’d start with a quick snapshot of marathon training day.

A.M. – 3M easy at 7:20 pace + 15 min of of Crossfit. Soundtrack: Zune on shuffle followed by my “Scalding Dogs” playlist to get me pumped for handstand pushups.

P.M. – 2M warmup followed by 11M @ 95% goal marathon pace. Goal pace is 6:07, so I was supposed to do 6:25. But as usual I went a tad fast and averaged 6:18 instead. My legs are heavy from the consistent training volume I’ve been holding. But I was encouraged¬†by how easy the effort was in terms of my breathing. I was less encouraged by the two blisters on my right foot that developed by the end of the run. My feet have become moveable horror shows. Soundtrack for the run: Community Service II by The Crystal Method

Daily Total: 16M

2 responses

  1. I usually just pull the workout of the day off the website and do it or a modification of it…on Tue I did 15-10-5 handstand pushups and called it good since I’m weak and haven’t been doing any strength until the past few weeks.


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