Training for Wed, 21 Apr

A.M. Off

P.M. 12.24 EZ in 1:27:56 (7:11 avg). Beautiful weather, not so beautiful legs. My mom called mid-run and said I left them at home..
Soundtrack: Nothing but the sounds of the endurance machine known as the human body, baby. Ever just take the time to listen to yourself breathe as you exercise and appreciate both the simplicity and the complexity of such a simple act? Pretty humbling.

Training Sampler for Tue, 20 Apr

Since Kev asked for it, I thought I’d start with a quick snapshot of marathon training day.

A.M. – 3M easy at 7:20 pace + 15 min of of Crossfit. Soundtrack: Zune on shuffle followed by my “Scalding Dogs” playlist to get me pumped for handstand pushups.

P.M. – 2M warmup followed by 11M @ 95% goal marathon pace. Goal pace is 6:07, so I was supposed to do 6:25. But as usual I went a tad fast and averaged 6:18 instead. My legs are heavy from the consistent training volume I’ve been holding. But I was encouraged┬áby how easy the effort was in terms of my breathing. I was less encouraged by the two blisters on my right foot that developed by the end of the run. My feet have become moveable horror shows. Soundtrack for the run: Community Service II by The Crystal Method

Daily Total: 16M